Wednesday, February 8, 2012


A busy mom of three needs her coffee, 
especially when they are in full Picky form.

I didn't start drinking coffee until the 2nd picky was born;  I guess that having two children 18 months apart forces you to the dark side.  Hubby always drank his morning brew and I would have a diet coke or Mountain Dew; not exactly the poster board for morning nutrition.

I have come to love and appreciate my coffee; I don't want it to light or too dark.  I would rather pay more money to ensure that it is Fair Trade and I adore my vanilla coconut milk creamer.  I understand that there is quite the culture when it comes to coffee drinkers and although I am not too picky, there is something I do not understand:

Why do people love their Keurig Coffeemakers?

To me, it tastes like coffee flavored water, nothing more than a replacement for Folgers except with a really expensive coffee maker and cups that pollute our landfills.  Obviously, many people disagree with me because the Keurig Coffee maker is one of the best-sellers and really, you can now get K-Cups anywhere.  But man, does the coffee ever not taste like flavored water?

We have a Keurig and it is reserved for when my mom comes and needs decaf (it used to be in hubby's office but now he works from home), so it is sitting on my counter, occupying even more space and tempting the Mister to make an afternoon cup.  Well, then I got lazy and forgot to buy a bag of whole bean coffee (and by "forgot" I, of, course mean "wasn't told we were out of coffee") and we have been drinking this coffee-tinged water for a couple days.

I woke up at 5:30am this morning with the smallest picky whispering to me, "Mom.  Guess what?  I go to school today." and I looked forward to the new coffee I bought yesterday.  I come downstairs, my good-looking barista handed me my coffee in my favorite mug and tasted like sweaty water.  Yes, my friends, the damn Keurig struck again.  I poured it down the drain and happily made a fresh pot of coffee.  Peace.

So, Keurig Coffee drinkers, prove me wrong.  
Explain to me how those magic K-Cups are filled with morning magic and motivation.  
I just don't get it.

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