Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kids are Funnier Than Most Sitcoms

These past few weeks have been packed with kid stuff:  Valentines Day, the middle Picky's 6th Birthday, a 125-person breakfast for art kids and their families, paper-mache in the kindergarten classroom.  LOTS.OF.KIDS.

But man, these little guys are funny.  

As we were prepping for a long weekend costumed as a "Mid-Winter Break", Picky #1 started to talk and ask about our plans for President's Day.  She wanted to bake a cake and Picky #2 said:

"Am I going to get presents, too, for Present's Day?"

Awww...sweet little guy.  I had to tell him that no, he wasn't going to get any presents and didn't he just have a birthday?  

When I was in Kindergarten class, I helped a sweet little boy wash his hands of all the paper-mache gobbly-goo that was on his hands.  This was our serious conversation:

"I don't like hot water in my bath."
"Really?  Why not?"
"It hurts my skin.  Especially my privates."

Ohmygosh, I just wanted to burst out laughing because he was so completely serious, so the only response I could fathom was this one:

"I totally can understand that.  You're right, little man."
But inside, I totally lost it.

Winnie, Dog #3 (and also a very playful puppy) finds Picky #3 to be a suitable play-friend.  She will chase, nip and knock him over just like she does with the other dogs and most days, he plays right back.  A little while ago, I heard a nervous wail from the other room:

"What's wrong?!?"
"Weeenie!  WEENIE.  BIT.  MY.  BUTSY!!!"

What a bummer.  he quickly got over it, but Hubby and I have been laughing about it for a while now.

The Perpetrator
When these vacation breaks get stressful, listen to the kids.  
They can provide you with lots of comic relief.  
What are some of your funnies?

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