Monday, January 16, 2012

Meal Plan Monday 1/16-1/20

And here I am again, planning the meals for the week.  It's a lot like laundry; I think I'm done, take a good little break and then it's time to start all over again.  And then I think I can just make do with staples from the pantry and brainstorm ways to keep my grocery trip super low but that NEVER happens.  It's always those weeks that I have to stock up on vitamins, vanilla extract or spices.  But still, no matter what, it is cheaper to shop at Whole Foods then for me to take our family of five out a few times a week.

Smoothies and cereal
Lunch at Miguel's
Teriyaki Tofu, quinoa, pineapple and salad 
(I ran out of tofu last week.  Really.  Who runs out of tofu?)

Smoothies and oatmeal squares
Easy enchilada casseroles and veggies
Chipotle-lime tempeh tacos, taco salad, fruit

Smoothies and bagels
Chicken-less noodle soup and ranch oyster crackers
Grilled cheesy hummus wrap, tomato soup

Smoothies and cereal
Soup and sandwiches
Jambalaya, cornbread, roasted carrots and apples

Smoothies and banana chocolate chip millet muffins
Burritos and applesauce
Homemade pizza pockets (calzones), salad and green beans

Cinnamon vinaigrette
Sugar cookies (I swear I wasn't putting them off.  OK, maybe...)
Ranch oyster crackers

I'm still cooking out of my Peas and Thank You cookbook.  Although I feel that some of the organization could be better, I love the recipes and the attitude of the book.  They are very kid-friendly and the Pickies have been a lot less whiny at dinnertime.  And for that, I am very appreciative.

Have you seen this new "Healthy Eating Plate" that Harvard has recommended for our daily eating?  What do you think?

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