Sunday, November 7, 2010

What We are Eating 11/7-11/13

I love to meal-plan.  I really do.  I also understand that makes me a dork and those of you that know me in real life understand that I am a dork anyway and this is just one more thing.  :)  I have this really cute, really abused notebook that I open up and I write out the calender for the week on the right page:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  :)  The page to the left (the back of last week's meal plan becomes my grocery list.  As I jot down the plans, I check recipes and my pantry for ingredients and add them according to the Whole Foods layout.  I know, super dorky.

I love planning for the meals.  I sit down with a couple random issues of Vegetarian Times or Veg News or I focus on one or two cookbooks.  If I'm not feeling the inspiration, I head to my favorite blogs on the internet.  WHEN do I do this?  Most likely in front of the tv when the kids are in bed or in the morning when my superawesomeamazing husband is feeding the kids breakfast.

I really do enjoy the meal plans but I don't always follow them.  Life happens and we end up going out or I end up creating something new.  Last night I was "supposed" to make sandwiches and roasted veggies.  I ended up making chocolate coconut pancakes, tempheh bacon and fresh fruit.  Sometimes we just need to follow the cravings.  :)

If you ever need help meal-planning, just let me know.  Remember, I'm the big dork with the notebook.  :)

Sunday 7:
Breakfast:  cereal and fruit
Lunch:  Chuck 'e' Cheese for a birthday party
Dinner:  chickpea piccata, mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli (trying this out for a potential Thanksgiving meal!)

Monday 8:
Lunch:  burritos and quesadillas
Dinner:  bean and pasta soup, green beans

Tuesday 9: 
Breakfast:  cereal and fruit
Lunch:  sandwiches (pb and j for kids, veggie for adults!)
Dinner:  homemade pizza and veggies

Wednesday 10:
Breakfast:  toast and fruit
Lunch:  hummus wraps
Dinner:  chana masala and rice, veggies

Thursday 11:
Breakfast:  banana coffee cake
Dinner:  avocado tortilla soup, chips and salsa

Friday 12:
Breakfast:  cereal
Lunch:  cheesy noodles
Dinner:  mujadra with pita and hummus

Saturday 13:
Breakfast:  cereal and fruit
Lunch:  out!  :)
Dinner:  whatever we are craving on the weekends or whatever leftovers we have!  :)

Extras:  Quinoa pudding, brownies


Scott said...

I have an abundance of chickpeas - totally trying out that piccata this week!
Thanks for inspiration yet again Amanda!

Amanda said...

Thanks Scott! I have some other awesome chickpea recipes because they are my favorite so holler if you want them! Try the chana masala I have linked as well. :)

Scott said...

HOLLERRRRRRR - Send them my way!!!

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