Monday, May 10, 2010

Some Random Amanda Trivia...

My friend tagged me a bit ago on one of these "getting to know you" type of surveys.  Here are some random facts about me:

1.  I talk to my mom on the phone almost everyday.  We usually chat around lunchtime about our days and what we have's so nice because they live far away and we haven't lived in the same state for nine years.  Those phone calls keep us close. 

2.  My teaching certificate has expired and I am not sure I will get it back.  I need to get my Master's Degree in SOMETHING and I am not sure it will be in education as long as politics keep standing in the way of our children.  I like so many things and I consider myself a people person, so I am sure I will find something interesting down the road....

3.  I not only love my husband but I LIKE him.  Don't get me wrong, we have our moments, but our eight year marriage hasn't been too difficult (thank goodness!).  He is my true best friend and the one I want to talk to the minute something new happens.  Oh and we laugh.  A LOT.  :)

4.  I spill food and drink down my shirt all the time.  Coffee, popcorn, mustard, you name it.  I could definitely use an Amanda-sized bib.

5.  In my spare time, I used to paint and write poetry.  It's been years since I have written and I used to have probably over 500 short poems.  I would write when I was in a funk and I attribute my lack of writing on the fact that my life is pretty happy now.  I'll take that any day.

6.  I have changed so much over the past 3-4 years that I surprise myself when I see pictures.  Not just physically, but what I wore, drove, etc.  My priorities have definitely shifted as I have gotten older.

7.  Six months ago I got angry at my husband for suggesting I drive a mini-van.  Two months ago we bought a used one and now don't have a car payment.  I have some awesome peace bumper stickers on it.  :)  A car does NOT define you.

8. I lost 70 pounds after I delivered my second child though diet and exercise.  Not even vegetarian or vegan diets but good 'ole fashion moderation and calorie counting. 

9.  I am absolutely awful at mailing things...whether it be letters or gifts, it takes me FOREVER to get them out in the mail.  Oh and returning things, especially at the library.

10.  I bite my nails.  I try desperately to stop and I go through phases where I do really well...and then I start gnawing at them.  I do it when I am nervous and/or bored...

So there you have it, ten random things about me.  Let me know if you can relate to any of them so I don't feel like such a weirdo...hahahaha...

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kachimo said...

1. My eyes started to twinkle then I smiled :)

2. My credits are expiring before my eyes but I know I'm doing the right thing. Just as I know you'll find a new major to suit you :)

3. I won't settle until I have just that :)

4. We should start a line of mom bibs. hahaha

5. YOU TOO!?!? I have empty canvases that I pass every day. If I had time to think I'd get depressed everytime I saw them.

6. for myself the change has been a mental change! Lost myself 3 years ago. It's nice being back :) There's nothing better than mental and physical growth! I LOVE watching myself grow. As odd as that sounds. I truly do like myself more and more each year. Although, I wouldn't mind having my skin and belly back from when I was 21 :P

7. He just wanted the "hot soccer mom" and now that he has. ;)

8. Calorie counting works wonders! Just started again considering I gained 27 lbs during my mom's illness. Down 3. only 24 more to go.

9. I'm getting better :) Bills and FOC stuff forces me to stay on my game.

10. I used to until pregnancy. May I suggest getting them done twice a month. Just a simple manicure or have a friend come over and do them up. May inspire you to keep the pretty going :) Also, men love long nails for good back scratches :)

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