Monday, April 26, 2010

Meal Plan week of April 25th

I TOTALLY blew my grocery budget last week and we ate out a lot.  :(  I just didn't feel like cooking (although I went to Whole Foods everyday for nine days).  Oh well, I will make it up this week except that we have my sister-in-law's birthday celebration twice this week so we will be eating out a bit.  :)

Sunday 25:  veggie quinoa soup, homebread bread
Monday 26:  baked spaghetti, fruit salad, green beans
Tuesday 27:  spicy potato curry, basamati rice, salad, steamed cauliflower
Wednesday 28:  Mongolian BBQ!  (YUM!)
Thursday 29:  crockpot red beans and barley, salad, homemade bread
Friday 30:  pizza, green beans
Saturday 1:  Out (date night!)

Breakfasts:  cereal, toast, banana chocolate chip muffins
Lunch:  leftover soup, sandwiches, hummus and pita, quesadillas

What are you making this week? 


Amber said...

We had what we called "fake mongo" tonight since it isn't at the restuarant.
We do tofu, edamane, corn, pineapple and cous cous. Mixed with a sweet and sour sauce.

We are headed to the kitchen to make our cereal bars for the week. This time we are going to use flour :)

Vee said...

If you wanna drop off any meals at my place, feel free!

P.S. I left something for you on my blog! =]

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